Reach the inboxes of 372,000 teachers and decision makers and grow your sales pipeline, effortlessly.

Target teachers and key decision makers, generate sales leads for your pipeline and create brand loyalty by sending your marketing emails direct to teachers’ inboxes.

Our research shows that at least 50% of teachers and decision makers in the UK have made a purchase from an email campaign making this a valuable marketing tool for anyone serious about selling to schools.

We can email on your behalf 60 different Job Titles in 31,000 UK Schools


Become a selling to schools pro…

You want your email to get noticed, right?  We can help you ensure your message gets delivered, read, and most importantly responded to –

  • Our Pre Email Consultation allows you to talk with one of our Email Gurus about your campaign, and develop a strategy for success
  • Our bespoke Design service will make sure your message stands out in the teachers’ inbox.
  • A/B Subject line Testing will boost your engagement rates
  • The Free SPAM Filter check ensures your email passes through SPAM filters and hits the recipient’s inbox
  • Our Bespoke email send software maintains our IP reputation and therefore email delivery rates
  • Email Personalisation improves client engagement as well as Open and Click Through Rates
  • Your seven day Email Report will show you how your Campaign has performed so you can modify future sends
  • The Top Prospects file can give you the most crucial data of all – contact details for all teachers and decision makers who open or click links within your email





“Before your campaign, we offer a 15 minute pre email consultation with one of our email gurus, to discuss your email strategy, key calls to action, subject lines, and much more.”

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