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email1Reach the inboxes of 310,000 Teachers
and Decision Makers, effortlessly

Target Teachers and Key Decision Makers,
generate sales leads and create brand
loyalty by sending Marketing emails directly to teachers’ inboxes. Sending emails direct is proven to improve Engagement Rates by up to 2x.

Our research shows that at least 50% of
and decision makers in the UK have made a purchase from an email campaign making this a valuable marketing tool for anyone serious about Selling to Schools.

We can email on your behalf 51 different Job
Titles in 31,000 UK Schools, giving you
access to 310,000 Decision Makers and


Create an Engaging Message

You want your email to get noticed right? We can help you ensure your message gets delivered…

  • We have an In-house Design service to make sure your message stands out in the teachers’ inbox
  • We offer A/B Subject line Testing to enable you to get the best Engagement rate possible
  • We offer a Free SPAM Filter check to ensure your email hits the Inbox
  • We use Bespoke Software to maintain our Email Delivery Reputation
  • We offer Personalisation of emails to improve Client Engagement as well as Open and Click Through Rates
  • We offer Email Reporting so you always know how your Campaign has performed


Build your brand email3

Our exclusive MultiMail email service
enables you to send multiple emails into the
inboxes of teachers and schools. MultiMail
is designed to create Brand Awareness over
a longer period of time, giving your
marketing message that extra edge. Of all
School Mailings products, MultiMail is
proven to generate Brand Loyalty and a
greater Return on Investment over a longer
period of time.