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We were so impressed with the first Multi-Mail Campaign that we did that we have now booked another to go to all UK Primary Schools over a 3 month period and are very excited about the campaign being sent. We envisage another fantastic response from this Email Campaign.

Marie Storey, Wallace & Gromit

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School Email Campaigns

Simple, effective email campaigns that deliver results

School Mailings offer a comprehensive school email marketing service allowing you to directly market to the inboxes of your target audience within a school.

The most important part of any email campaign is ensuring it gets delivered.  At School Mailings, we ensure your email gets delivered directly to the people you want to reach.

We offer two bespoke services to help you to achieve a good return on investment.  The Schools Email Service targets the school office email address to be forwarded on to the relevant teacher or staff member, whilst the Teachers Email Service targets the teacher or staff member’s personal email address ensuring your message is guaranteed to be placed directly in front of your target audience.  School Mailings has over 30,000 Schools Email Addresses and over 200,000 Teachers’ Personal Email Addresses in our data system giving us and you unrivalled access to the world of education.


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Included in every email send, School Mailings can also offer you -

  • An in house design team who will design and proof your Email using our extensive knowledge and experience of selling to schools
  • A SPAM filter checking service on your email prior to send, allowing us to understand any issues with deliverability.
  • An A/B testing service of 2 different subject lines allowing you to accurately determine which one will work best for your Email Campaign
  • An extensive knowledge of the education market, we can advise you on the optimum time and date to send your campaign
  • An Email Report and a Click through file so you can monitor the success of your campaign


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